A good menu is hard to find. All of the dishes should be complimentary; a strong or subtle theme can breathe life into a round of courses. Helping the diner navigate the vast world of cuisine is the role of the menu. It is the compass on a culinary exploration of a culture, climate, or ingredient. Designing a menu is an art, requiring a knowledge of flavors and the ability to create a flavor experience. Here, I give you a fully searchable blog with some inspired menus crafted for the beginning host(ess) or for more advanced adventurers. My goal is to offer a range of menus that you can enjoy preparing for yourself, your family, or a circle of friends.

I invite you to dig in; search for a favorite ingredient or theme, or message me for a custom creation for your next event. It’s all about a passion for the full courses and I hope to share some great finds with you!

~Happy Eating!


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